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Have a sprinkler system installed on your Clearwater property and you can rest assured knowing the project will culminate in a lawn that is irrigated to perfection. At Sunrise Irrigation, we take into account the small details when it comes to Clearwater sprinkler system installations. This is a complicated endeavor that requires excavation, knowledge of local regulations, and permits. Our team is fully licensed and insured. We also stay up to date on all the latest advancements in irrigation technology and design.

Local Permitting Requirements

Upon hiring a Clearwater sprinkler system installation professional, the technician will check with officials of the locality to gauge if you require a building permit. We will look into local municipal watering ordinances. If a permit is necessary, the technician will obtain and submit the paperwork on your behalf.

The Matter of Underground Utilities

Prior to the installation of your irrigation system, the technician will check your property to determine if any utility lines are below the soil. This will likely require contacting the local utility companies so they can visit the property and pinpoint the position of buried electrical, gas, and telephone lines.

A High-quality Clearwater Sprinkler System With the Perfect Components

Consult with our sprinkler experts about the best sprinkler system for your Clearwater property. This is the advice you need to ensure your grass, shrubs, trees, flowers, and other greenery are kept at the right level of moisture throughout the day and night. Furthermore, we will also analyze your property’s flow rate, water pressure, water service line size, and meter/well pump size.

Mapping out the Sprinkler System

We map out the layout of the sprinkler system right on down to the very last detail. Once the best layout is identified for your system, it will be necessary to consider elements like flowers, shrubs, trees, sidewalks, slopes, shaded spaces, and so on. The positioning of these elements will help you figure out the best watering zones. The technician can implement a system with several different watering zones. They can be structured to reduce dry spots while strictly watering areas with grass and other greenery.


The property must be excavated with care using professional tools. Our Clearwater sprinkler system team digs deep trenches that go down far enough to permit sprinklers to retract below ground and remain unharmed.

The Installation

The sprinkler system components are assembled, from the sprinkler heads to the pipes and everything in between. This assembly is performed prior to connecting the sprinkler to the service line. Those who reside in a municipality that requires backflow prevention will receive a mechanism to stop potentially harmful chemicals from reaching the water system.

Establishing the Controls

We establish control valves for each distinct water zone. We also add a timer to control the zone to be watered and the time at which this watering will occur. The technician might also need to add rain, moisture, or temperature sensors to determine current water levels. This also permits pausing as necessary to conserve water and keep your lawn a beautiful shade of green.

A Lovely Green Lawn is a Call Away

Are you ready to add a sprinkler system to your property? Reach out to our irrigation experts. We will provide you with a free estimate and answer any questions or concerns you have. Once your Clearwater sprinkler system is installed, our technicians will guide you through the operation and maintenance of the system. We can also provide you with advice that will keep your lawn looking fabulous while simultaneously reducing your water bill.

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