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Trusted as the top sprinkler system installation company Tampa for over 20 years, Sunrise Irrigation understands what Bay Area lawns need. From custom designed sprinkler heads available only to Sunrise customers, to an affordable annual maintenance plan, we keep your system and your yard in mint condition year around.

A green lawn is often the first thing a person notices about your curb appeal. With Tampa Bay’s hot sun and unpredictable rainfall, taking care of your yard can be tricky. Overwatering because sprinklers are running during a rain storm or underwatering because the irrigation system is broken are common problems. Costly leaks due to pipe or head breakage can cause a spike in your water bill or a pool for mosquito breeding.

That’s where our sprinkler systems come in. From rain-fall detectors, to flow sensors, to all-natural mosquito systems and the best warranty in the industry. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures your lawn gets just the right amount of water to look and feel its best. If you have one installed, we promise you will notice the difference in a number of ways.


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