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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Installation

Landscape lighting is a landscape design tool that can be used to enhance the landscape, curb appeal and create a more impressive effect.

There are many different types of outdoor lighting, but one of the most popular is low voltage lighting. This type of landscape lighting uses less power than traditional lights because it runs on 120 volts from an outlet rather than from a transformer powered by 240 volts. Low voltage landscape light fixtures have been shown to use as little as 10% of the energy that would be used with traditional landscape light fixtures, even though they provide just as much or more illumination and dramatic effect at night.


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Another advantage for those who want to install outdoor lighting is that there is no need for electricians since all you need to install a lighting system is the fixtures, transformer, and wire. Although our electric division installs outdoor lighting, our irrigation technicians are trained the same way. Both divisions provide solutions for outdoor kitchens, patios, retaining walls, trees, driveways, benches, and any other way to transform your house.

Landscape lighting benefits landscape design in several ways by adding to the ambiance of a home’s outdoor area. For example, wires can be installed underground where they are completely invisible.

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Outdoor Lighting Transforms Your Home

Landscape lighting may be used to improve the look of your outdoor space. They come in many forms, but low-voltage landscape lights, which consume less energy than traditional landscape lights, are one of the most common landscape enhancements. Led lights have been shown to require as little as 10% of the electricity that standard lights.

In addition, outdoor lighting may help to illuminate walkways. This can be especially helpful for those who want to take a walk at night but don’t want to worry about tripping on uneven terrains. With outdoor lighting, you can still walk confidently in the dark as your landscape illuminates your paths.

When landscape lighting is mentioned, it’s not just about the landscape and walkways. Color temperatures in lights also play a role in landscape design. The landscape designers at Sunrise want to ensure that the color temperatures from 2800k to 5800k to create the perfect atmosphere. Warm white lights are usually used for outdoor lighting in the northern hemisphere. In contrast, outdoor lighting in the southern hemisphere is often blue-hued or cool tones to reflect a more vibrant landscape.

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Types of landscape lights we offer

The use of outdoor lights at a house is a great way to highlight specific features or architectural details that you want others to see at night. Whether it be for safety reasons for those who are living on the property, or just as an added touch of ambiance and beauty, installing landscape lighting can do wonders for your property’s appearance. However, this does not mean that there is one type of light fixture that will work best for every application; each has its unique advantages and disadvantages depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with your landscaping project.

Look for landscape lighting companies that can bring your vision to life through landscape lighting, including pathway lights, step lights, deck lights, and well lights.

Path lights are lighting fixtures that provide illumination on the landscape’s path. They can be used for landscape design by providing a lighted pathway from outside to inside areas of a landscape. Pathway lights can make a landscape feel more welcoming and nice.

Path lights are used primarily as a safety measure so people walking through their garden have some form of illumination when it’s dark. But they can also be used aesthetically to highlight landscape features that may not be easily seen when it is dark out or just to add a touch of ambiance and beauty to your yard.

Step lights are landscape lighting fixtures that are installed in landscape steps to provide illumination. These can make landscape designs look more professional by providing an easily accessed light source when landscape steps are needed to be used for outdoor concepts.

Again, step lights are mostly installed in gardens for safety purposes but can also enhance outdoor landscape designs by adding light. They can be used to highlight landscape steps or just as a means to provide some light at the top and bottom of the stairs for those who may not want to take their time going up and down them.

Spotlights are landscape lighting fixtures that provide illumination in a concentrated area, usually to display the surface of a house, the wall, or plants. Spotlights can be used for landscape design by providing light to plants that need it. Spotlights come in many different shapes and sizes, with the most popular ones being globe-shaped.

Spotlights can be used to highlight landscape details or garden features. They are also beneficial if landscape professionals want to create an ambiance for client viewing because spotlights are not as harsh as other landscape lights.

Well lights are an excellent way to light up any area, especially those that need illumination below ground level. These include fixtures installed so the majority of it is at or near grade (in ground). Well lighting can be used for applications where you don’t want lawnmowers going over your turf areas and hardscape surfaces should have traffic pass overhead often enough so as not damage them too much with weight from foot or vehicle traffic.

Deck lights are an easy way to illuminate the landscape features that are installed on decks or walkways. The landscape design of decks or walkways is also influenced by deck lights as they help determine what landscape, trees, and plants can be placed on the deck or walkway.

Bollard lights provide landscape illumination and security. What they provide is that they will cover a landscape with indirect light. This type of landscape lighting is perfect for illuminating the landscape when you don’t want to use strong, direct light. They are especially great when there is something particular you want to highlight in your landscape such as a garden or porch. These electric fixtures are also popular in parking lots because their low height prevents them from interfering with incoming and outgoing traffic.

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Powering Your Outdoor Lights

We use top-of-the-line outdoor transformers. A transformer is a device that converts alternating current voltage to direct current voltage or vice versa. Our transformers are designed to withstand rigorous outdoor conditions from the brutal summer heat to the occasional named storm. These transformers are available in 120-volt plug-in versions, with either a photocell or without.

The landscape lighting photocell transformer is one of the many solutions that we provide to power your lights. These landscape photosensor transformers are made up of a sensor that detects light levels and triggers the power on when the sunsets. You can chose to allow it to go from dusk to dawn or in hour increments from when its dark.

Landscape Lighting Packages


  • 6 LED lights (pathway, bullet, or flood)
  • Fixture coatings: Black Aluminum
  • 200 watt stainless steel transformer with integrated photocell technology
  • Up to 250’ of 12/2 UF Direct Burial Low Voltage Wire
  • Custom lighting design
  • Final walk through for adjustments during nighttime hours
  • 5 year warranty on all fixtures (excludes lamps) through manufacturer
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty through Sunrise


  • 6 LED lights (pathway, bullet, or flood)
  • Fixture coatings: Antique Brass
  • Corrosion Resistant for all weather performance
  • Best In Class Light Fixtures
  • 200 watt stainless steel transformer with integrated photocell technology
  • Up to 250’ of 12/2 UF Direct Burial Low Voltage Wire
  • Custom lighting design
  • Final walk through for adjustments during nighttime hours
  • 10 year warranty on all fixtures (excludes lamps) through manufacturer
  • 3 year parts and labor warranty through Sunrise


  • 6 LED lights (pathway, bullet, or flood)
  • Fixture coatings: Bronze Metallic, Copper, Nickel Plate, White Powder Coat
  • Lighting system can be upgraded to Zone, Dimming, and Color changing technology. *Additional cost
  • 300 watt wifi enabled transformer with astronomical timing technology
  • Smart Phone Controlled
  • Up to 250’ of 12/2 UF Direct Burial Low Voltage Wire
  • Custom lighting design
  • Final walk through for adjustments during nighttime hours
  • Lifetime warranty on all fixtures (excludes lamps) through manufacturer
  • 5 year parts and labor warranty through Sunrise

Benefits of using Sunrise to do your Landscape Lighting

Sunrise has been bringing experienced irrigation professionals to homes in the Tampa Bay area for over 20 years with the goal of making lawns healthy and beautiful through efficient and sustainable means. Our landscape lighting professionals have the same goals. Our experts have valuable experience working with customers around the Tampa Bay area, and understand how to set each yard, property, or home apart with innovative designs. You can trust Sunrise to provide you with personalized, professional services for prime curb appeal.

To see how Sunrise can bring your landscape dreams to life, browse through our gallery for inspiration and ideas. Or learn more by getting in touch with us to set up a free consultation and estimate. Simply fill out our easy online contact form, email us at, or call 727-772-3819.

There are many reasons to install landscape lighting at your home or commercial business.

Landscape lighting makes your property safer and more secure, whether you are entertaining guests or customers, away on vacation, or simply tucked in bed.

Planned placement and custom highlighting will allow guests to traverse your yard safely, avoid obstacles more easily, and see where they are going – no matter how late it gets.

If you install lights lining your driveway, it improves visibility when you arrive home at night. Lights that surround the backyard and your property’s most visited areas allows everyone on your property to travel confidently. And once our LED lights are installed into your landscape, the property will always look occupied – regardless of where you actually are!

In other words, landscape lighting is a fantastic deterrent against criminal elements and even animal invaders.

Keeping the lights on is crucial to your safety and security, but you may already be calculating your energy bill in your head. Sunrise is dedicated to keeping your lighting plan efficient, with both the environment and your energy preferences in mind.

Case-in-point: our low-voltage LED landscape lights use 75% less energy than traditional outdoor bulbs. This means that you will not only be able to save money on your utility bills, but also feel good for choosing an Earth-friendly, green lighting option.

The beauty of landscape lighting is that it is not just a gorgeous form of décor and a way to keep your property safe and secure – it is a way to make money. How so? Because well-done landscape lighting can easily increase the value of your property.

It also gives you the potential for more photo options if you ever decide to sell, because your new lighting will make your property look incredible at any time of the day or night. Stunning night photos can wow potential buyers and set your property apart from others selling in the neighborhood.

No one wants to enter a commercial business at night if it looks dark and potentially dangerous. Businesses that are not well-lit can be magnets for criminal elements, and people know it.

In contrast, a beautifully-lit landscape encourages people to come in and stay a while, as well as serving as an advertisement to how clean, well-maintained, and safe your property is.

When you have us professionally install landscape lighting, you can say goodbye to having those ugly extension cords all over your lawn. Our fixtures will be installed where you want and need lighting in your yard, and you will never have to worry about using cords to supply power.

This not only makes your landscape look better, but also improves safety, because there is nothing to trip over.

If parts of your yard are dark at night, you cannot use them. It is as simple as that. By adding carefully placed landscape lighting, it is possible to expand the usable space you have, opening up your property and potentially adding more areas for entertainment.

Landscape lighting is more than flipping a switch and being able to safely walk around your property.

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Have a Problem? We Have Solutions!
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