Residential Irrigation & Sprinklers


As a homeowner in the Tampa Bay area, you probably have invested some time, energy, and money making your house a comfortable and attractive place to live. You keep the interior clean and organized, and the exterior well-maintained. You’ve likely even decorated with beautiful furnishings and accent pieces that reflect your unique style and taste.

Doesn’t your lawn deserve the same amount of care and attention as the rest of your property? We think so.

At Sunrise Irrigation & Sprinklers, we are a family-run business staffed by people who believe that a beautiful yard is an indispensable component of a beautiful home. When we think of an ideal home, we picture smooth, lush, green lawns that will turn the heads of passerby and allow our children to run around barefoot.

If you can picture your ideal lawn, Sunrise Irrigation & Sprinklers can make that dream a reality. We are a team of talented lawn care specialists who have dedicated themselves to one primary goal for more than 20 years—keeping the lawns of Tampa Bay healthy and green with efficient, cost-effective lawn care.

We offer an array of sprinkler and irrigation system services, including installation, maintenance, and repair. No matter what type of residence you own, we can have your lawn looking its best through our innovative lawn care solutions.

Give us a call today to speak with one of our licensed and insured technicians. Our specialists can help you develop a plan that suits your unique property and needs before providing you with a complimentary estimate. When you work with us, you’ll see why we’ve been a leading irrigation system company in the Tampa Bay area for more than 20 years.

The Benefits Of A Sprinkler System For Your Home

Everyone admires a healthy, green lawn. But not everyone has the free time to spend hours watering and caring for their lawn.

With a quality irrigation system, you don’t have to. The right lawn irrigation system will keep your lawn looking its best by ensuring it gets the water it needs—without wasting a drop. Some of the many benefits of a professionally installed sprinkler system include:

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Have a Problem? We Have Solutions!
Call Us at (727) 275-2204