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Irrigation systems are only as good as the technicians who install them and the quality of the products they use. Sunrise Irrigation has been around for more than two decades, and we’ve spent that time building an exceptional team of the industry’s finest irrigation professionals and learning about the best sprinkler and irrigation products around. When you work with Sunrise Irrigation, you can count on getting a highly experienced and professional crew and water products that are unsurpassed.


Your lawn deserves the best, and we have the personal, equipment, and expertise to provide it with just that. Let us help your lawn become its healthiest and greenest through our irrigation and water conservation services. Give us a call at 727-772-3819 now for a free sprinkler installation or repair estimate. We are always happy to speak with current and prospective clients about how we can meet your irrigation needs.


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MAR. 20 2018
Why You Should Consult an Irrigation Specialists Before Installing a New Pool
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Don't be so quick to install that new pool! Meet with Palm Harbor irrigation specialists before your pool construction commences to ensure the irrigation system is properly capped and prepared.   Today's pool builders are often in such a rush to make money and move on to the next project...

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Irrigation Leaks Lead to High Water Bills
MAR. 08 2018
Irrigation Leaks Lead to High Water Bills
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In time, every sprinkler system will eventually have some type of leak.

Sprinkler systems can leak after excessive wear, contact from above, and several other reasons. Even contact with a lawn care service machines like a hedge trimmer or lawn mower can damage sprinklers. Foot traffic...