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At Sunrise Irrigation & Sprinklers, we know lawns. Our highly qualified professionals have been beautifying residential and commercial landscapes in the Tampa Bay area for more than 20 years. As an established, family-owned irrigation management business, we believe that keeping Florida homes and businesses looking their best begins with a healthy lawn.


The Sunrise Irrigation & Sprinklers team is made up of fully licensed and insured specialists. We’re RainBird trained, certified for landscape irrigation auditing, and active members of both the Irrigation Association and the Florida Irrigation Society. We’ve spent the last two decades building a reputation across our local community for exceptional lawn and irrigation services. We are known for our innovative techniques, and advanced systems that are designed to conserve both water and money by running at full efficiency for many years.


Whether you are a homeowner or have a commercial business, we invite you to turn to Sunrise Irrigation for all your sprinkler system and irrigation needs. We’ve helped individuals and businesses all over the area to transform their landscapes through our unparalleled installation, repair, and maintenance services for sprinklers, well pumps, reclaimed water systems, and more. Give us a call to discuss how we can help your lawn become lusher, greener, and healthier.

Our Values as a Family-Owned Florida Irrigation Business


At Sunrise Irrigation, we are proud of our cutting-edge sprinkler systems and diverse services, but we feel that what truly sets us apart from other irrigation companies are our values. The team at Sunrise Irrigation is guided by the following core principles:

Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize customer satisfaction over everything else, believing strongly that taking care of clients should be the most important goal of any business.


We hope you are never anything less than 100 percent satisfied with our work, but if you are—let us know. We’ll do everything in our power to make it right.


At Sunrise Irrigation, if we say we are going to do something, we will do it. That means arriving when we say we will, completing the job to the absolute best of our ability,


and keeping our customers informed so they can make educated decisions and keep their properties looking spectacular.

Quality Products

We work with equipment and materials rated above industry standards, providing leading products at a highly competitive price.


We keep a close watch on innovations in our industry to make sure you’re getting the latest and the greatest in sprinkler products and water-saving technology.


Before calling a job finished, we teach our customers everything they need to know about their newly installed or repaired water systems.


That means helping them understand zoning and watering requirements, as well as providing guidance on how to operate the system to its full potential.

Customer Satisfaction

At Sunrise Irrigation, we believe that water is a precious resource. That’s why we design our systems to conserve water while still keeping your lawn green and healthy. Through our efficient systems you can save water and improve your landscape while dramatically reducing your utility bills.

These guiding values—along with our quality systems and dedicated services—have brought our business success for more than 20 years. And we aren’t going to change any time soon. Give Sunrise Irrigation a call for your landscaping needs, and see for yourself why we’ve been a leading sprinkler and irrigation company in Tampa Bay for over two decades. We will do our best to exceed your expectations and provide your home or business with an attractive, flourishing lawn.

Versatile Irrigation Services for the Homes and Businesses
of Tampa Bay


With the right irrigation system and proper maintenance, keeping your lawn looking lush and beautiful can be virtually effortless. The lawn care professionals of Sunrise Irrigation offer a comprehensive array of of sprinkler and irrigation services, pulling from our installation and design expertise to install advanced water systems that conserve water and save money. When it comes to repair and maintenance, we use the latest diagnostic tools and techniques to troubleshoot and repair systems of any brand or model. As certified landscape auditors, we also offer water audit services for homes and businesses to identify unaccountable water losses and possible leaks and provide you with a road map of ways to conserve and save money.


Whatever your irrigation needs are, the licensed lawn specialists of Sunrise Irrigation have the solution. Some of our services include:



Irrigation Repairs in Palm Harbor
Sprinkler System Installation
Irrigation Contractor Servicing Tampa
Sprinkler System Repair

(trouble-shooting, leak repair, repair for broken pipes and sprinkler heads, valve locating and repair, controllers and timers)

Tampa Bay Irrigation System Maintenance PLans
Maintenance Plans

(monthly, quarterly, or annually) with four freesprinkler heads per year and 15 percent off major repairs

Dunedin Sprinkler System Repair Company
Well Pumps

(installation and repair)

Sprinkler System Installation Tarpon Springs, FL
System Upgrades

(for higher efficiency and water conservation)

Lawn Sprinkler System Repair & Service Company Clearwater, FL
Reclamied Water Systems

(installation and repair)

Irrigation Contractor Servicing Tampa
System Modifactions

(for pool installs and home additions)

These are only a glimpse of the many commercial and residential services and solutions we can offer your home or business. If your property needs a new water system, repairs, maintenance, or an upgrade, we encourage you to get in touch with us at Sunrise Irrigation. We can work with you to determine your unique lawn’s needs, and develop a custom service package that accommodates them.

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Irrigation systems are only as good as the technicians who install them and the quality of the products they use. Sunrise Irrigation has been around for more than two decades, and we’ve spent that time building an exceptional team of the industry’s finest irrigation professionals and learning about the best sprinkler and irrigation products around. When you work with Sunrise Irrigation, you can count on getting a highly experienced and professional crew and water products that are unsurpassed.
Your lawn deserves the best, and we have the personal, equipment, and expertise to provide it with just that. Let us help your lawn become its healthiest and greenest through our irrigation and water conservation services. Give us a call at 727-772-3819 now for a free sprinkler installation or repair estimate. We are always happy to speak with current and prospective clients about how we can meet your irrigation needs.


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