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Do you have a passion for gardening? Or, have you installed a beautiful colorful bed of plants and flowers around the perimeter of your home and it needs special attention […]
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Do you have a passion for gardening? Or, have you installed a beautiful colorful bed of plants and flowers around the perimeter of your home and it needs special attention with watering to keep it thriving?

An irrigation company can help you with something called drip irrigation which is specifically designed to work with your plant and flower beds.

What is drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation is a type irrigation system that has the potential to save water and nutrients by allowing water to drip or trickle slowly near the base of the plant so it gets to the roots of the plant, either from above the soil surface or buried below the surface. The system is made up of tubing, pipes, values and emitters. The goal is to place water directly into the root zone and minimize evaporation.

An experienced irrigation company can install one for you, and once in place, drip irrigation creates healthier growing conditions and higher yields while saving time and money for gardeners and homeowners.


There are many benefits of installing a high-quality drip irrigation system. Here are just a few:

Better plant health.

By the water dripping, it penetrates slowly and deeply into the soil, placing moisture at the roots, exactly where it is needed. Plants prosper and grow quickly when they are watered uniformly.

Less waste.

An advantage of drip irrigation over sprinklers is that there is little water loss due to evaporation, wind or runoff. A good drip irrigation system, typically uses one-quarter to half the amount of water used by traditional overhead sprinklers.

Keeps mulch intact.

Drip irrigation is good for mulched areas because it can directly water the soil without washing away the mulch.

Environmental benefits.

There is less chance of erosion occurring, which will result in very little runoff ending up in area streams and rivers.

Reduced risk of disease.

Drip irrigation keeps foliage dry which reduces the incidence of powdery mildew and other diseases that occur in damp conditions. Overhead sprinklers do not have this feature.

Money savings.

Your monthly water bill will be much smaller with an effective drip irrigation system which is more effective.

Saves time.

When you install a drip irrigation system, you do not have to continually drag hoses and sprinklers from one spot to another. Not only does this save time but frustration. Many irrigation kits come with a timer add-on, which provides a level of automation that makes irrigation even easier.

Weed control.

Weed seeds are water starved and germination is limited when you set up a drip irrigation system which places water to the area directly around the plant.


Drip irrigation systems work with any soil type, and even most unleveled landscapes when configured properly.


With a drip irrigation system, you can easily hide the tubes with a layer of organic mulch.

Rain Bird drip irrigation products

“Rain Bird Xerigation/Landscape Drip products are made especially for low-volume irrigation systems. By delivering water at or near the plants’ root zones, Rain Bird Xerigation® products offer targeted watering with greater efficiency for healthier plants and outstanding water savings. With over 150 products, Rain Bird has the broadest drip irrigation product line in the industry to meet any site requirements,” explains Sunrise Irrigation & Sprinklers is a supplier of Rain Bird products.

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Former U.S. Coast Guard and Tampa-native Joseph Swett is the owner of Sunrise Irrigation, a Palm Harbor-based company that has been providing sprinkler and irrigation services in the Tampa Bay Area, Florida, for more than 20 years. A RainBird-trained landscape specialist, Mr. Swett is dedicated to helping Florida homes and businesses implement effective irrigation technologies and transition towards smart water conservation. In his spare time, Joe sponsors and plays in two men’s softball leagues, but also enjoys surfing and going fishing with his family.


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