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Upgrade your sprinkler system for spring and your Clearwater property will look its best.

Spring is here and this is the perfect time to upgrade your sprinkler system in Clearwater. For one, your Clearwater property will require more water in the warm spring and summer months. Updating the system now will ensure your lawn is watered as appropriate, regardless of how hot it gets. The spring is also the time of the year when homeowners tend to have their Clearwater property re-landscaped or re-sodded. If you have these plans, you will need an irrigation system tune-up to guarantee proper coverage.

Springtime Changes

The cold temperatures are giving way to the warmth and clear, sunny skies. This is the time of the year when you turn your irrigation system back on. However, your irrigation system will require some preparation and possibly an upgrade to meet your watering needs. Our Clearwater sprinkle system upgrade team will get your sprinkler system in optimal condition to meet the season’s watering demands.

Let the Water Flow

The best way to approach springtime watering is to slowly open the main water valve. This allows the water to move into the pipes. If the pipes fill too quickly, the main line might be subjected to a massive pressure surge and water can move in an uncontrollable manner. This nightmare of a situation can culminate in cracking. When in doubt, rely on Sunrise Irrigation to handle your springtime sprinkler system upgrade in Clearwater. We will prepare your sprinkler system the right way.

Get in the Zone

The next step is to verify each zone operates as it should. We will manually activate each zone with a controller and walk through them to ensure the sprinkler heads rotate as they should. These sprinkler heads must cover the appropriate amount of space. Furthermore, they should not have any sort of leak. Even a minor leak is cause for concern. The heads will be adjusted as necessary. If a particular sprinkler is not performing as it should, its filter will have to be cleaned or possibly replaced.

Water Pressure

Springtime watering requires ample pressure. If the system’s operating pressure is not adequate, it is an indication of a problem or a looming problem. Low water pressure is a sign there might be a line break. It could also be a clue that there is a missing sprinkler. The water pressure should be just right before the springtime watering program commences.

Once the water pressure is at the optimal level, the controller for automatic irrigation will be reprogrammed to water as necessary. The final touches to your springtime irrigation tune-up are controller battery replacement, checking the backflow preventer’s functionality and uncovering of the system’s weather sensor.

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