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Want a lush, green lawn all summer long? Sunrise Irrigation can get your Tampa sprinkler system ready for the season!

The summer will be here before you know it! If you have not checked how your sprinkler is functioning, now is the time. Rely on the professionals to perform this in-depth analysis, pinpoint trouble areas, and determine the appropriate approach for repair or replacement. Here are the 6 steps our team will perform to prepare your Tampa sprinkler system for summer.

1. Test the Sprinkler System Controller

Our sprinkler technician will begin by checking the sprinkler system controller. If the controller is flawed, correcting the issue is usually quite quick and easy. The controller should have a new backup battery and also be clean and perfectly functional before summer watering commences.

2. Examine And Analyze Worn Pieces

Preparing your Tampa sprinkler system for summer requires a thorough examination of the system for worn and aged components. The Sunrise technician will check for everything from loose solenoids to cracked pipes, and any other parts that might be worn. These parts can experience damage during the cold winter months. If they are exposed or malfunctioning in any other manner, it is best for the technician to identify the problem before summer arrives.

3. Inspect the Valves

Your sprinkler system’s valves should be examined before turning on the water for the summer. By doing this, you can prevent incidents like a pipe loaded with water that proves to be faulty. If there are issues with the valves or pipes, our technicians can tend to them before the summer watering season.

4. Check for Debris in the Sprinkler Heads

Your sprinkler might appear as if it is functioning properly until it stops working due to a buildup of dirt and/or root interference. Each sprinkler should be checked to guarantee it is not blocked by debris. This check will help stop dry spots from forming on your lawn.

5. Look for Broken Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads are exposed to pressure from feet, lawn mowers, and vehicles. Some sprinkler heads that become damaged are not always visibly broken. It is even possible for them to leak when turned on. All sprinkler heads should be checked to see if they pop up or fail to spray water properly. Additionally, there is a hose available that stops damage from being inflicted in the event the sprinkler is run over. It is a seemingly minor upgrade that has the potential to save you time, energy, and money.

6. Monitor for Pressure Surges

If there is a water pressure surge, your system will have some major problems. A fast jump in water pressure will break through the faulty valve or pipe. This is precisely why the sprinkler system’s water should be turned on in a slow, gradual manner. The valve should be slightly open until the sound of the water can be heard. Then, wait for the sound to become quieter and proceed to turn the water on all the way.

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