Regular and thorough sprinkler system maintenance is essential to maintaining the system’s efficiency.

When was the last time you scheduled sprinkler system maintenance? Sprinkler systems require repairs, maintenance, and updates just like every other system in your home. There are many different ways sprinkler systems can be maintained and improved. Here is a look at how sprinkler maintenance will benefit your system and your property.

1. Regular Checkups

A regular checkup of your irrigation system is essential to its functionality and longevity. This is an opportunity for an in-depth inspection, allowing the sprinkler technician to determine if the system is operating as designed and if there is any risk to the system’s or the property’s integrity.
This inspection can identify a leak or a jam that otherwise might have led to property damage as well as costly repairs or even a full replacement of your sprinkler system. You should schedule regular irrigation system maintenance, so potential issues can be identified before they become major problems

2. Check the small details

Irrigation System maintenance involves everything from checking the controller time and date to ensuring watering occurs on the selected days in accordance with your municipality’s restrictions. Even checking and cleaning the irrigation system’s nozzles is a small, but important detail to ensuring the system is working properly. Dirty or clogged nozzles can lead to an uneven distribution of water on your property

3. Maintain Optimal Water Pressure

Sprinkler system maintenance also involves maintaining the optimal water pressure. If water pressure is insufficient, moisture will not be dispersed as it should. The result can be dry patches, the growth of weeds or fungus, and a general lack of greenery.

4. Pinpoint Problems Before They Wreak Havoc

One of the best reasons to rely on irrigation experts for your sprinkler system maintenance is the ability to identify problems before they worsen and become major crises. Technicians will identify leaks, broken pipes, and broken or malfunctioning sprinkler heads. The early identification of a leak can save you hundreds of dollars or even more in potential property damage.

Schedule regular maintenance for your sprinkler system so you can avoid costly issues in the future.

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