If you notice these signs, it is an indication your sprinkler system requires repair.

Sprinkler systems in homes and businesses across Clearwater will prove fallible, especially after several years of use. What matters most is whether you are willing to have your system regularly inspected, maintained, and repaired.

Let’s take a look at some of the top signs that your sprinkler system is not functioning as designed.

Warning Sign #1 of a Looming Sprinkler System Repair in Clearwater: Spotty Coverage

A lawn or other green space with dry spots, areas where the grass is dead or dying, or spots the sprinkler is incapable of reaching are a cause for concern. It is important that you reach out to an irrigation team for repairs and/or begin looking for a new system. If you do not act quickly, it is possible your irrigation system will stop functioning, forcing you to spend that much more for a full replacement instead of a repair.

Though spotty coverage can result from improper sprinkler head placement and other odd but possible forms of interference, there is usually a major problem.

Overly dry or wet areas are an indication your sprinkler is not functioning as it should.

Warning Sign #2 Sprinkler System Repair in Clearwater is Necessary: A Sputtering Sprinkler System

An irrigation system that sputters or cuts on and off is a sign of trouble. In many cases, sputtering irrigation systems are on their last legs.

Periodic failure often leads to the irrigation system completely failing, rendering your once-green Clearwater lawn dry and baron. If you notice any sort of sputtering, it is time for sprinkler system repair.

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