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Irrigation systems are not just for keeping lawns beautiful. A properly installed and well-maintained irrigation system can mean savings on money, time, and effort. People frequently choose to have irrigation systems installed to cut down on utility bills. Better water control, balanced water distribution, and minimal water wastage are just some of the ways an irrigation system reduces your water bills. Irrigation systems also require minimal maintenance, so you get to save on repairs and replacements.

However, you can only maximize the benefits of an efficient irrigation system if it’s installed properly. Don’t just settle for just any sprinkler company in Pinellas Park. To make sure that your lawn is well cared for, work with an experienced company like Sunrise Irrigation & Sprinklers for sprinkler installation in Pinellas Park, Florida.

By working with our expert technicians, you can get a durable and functional irrigation system that can last for years. If your system breaks down, you can trust Sunrise Irrigation & Sprinklers to provide quality irrigation repair in Pinellas Park, FL.

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Sprinkler System Installation, Repair, and Maintenance Company in Pinellas Park, FL

With more than two decades of professional experience, our team at Sunrise Irrigation & Sprinklers can easily handle any Pinellas Park sprinkler maintenance, installation, and repair job. We also offer industry-leading warranties and are partnered with distinguished brands such as Hunter© and Rainbird©.

Through our insured and state-licensed technicians, you can expect to receive top-notch services. This includes the following:

  • Full evaluation of your irrigation system

  • Three comprehensive plans aimed at addressing your system’s issues

  • Comprehensive maintenance services

  • Optional annual maintenance program that can get you discounts, benefits, and regular semiannual visits

  • Use of only the highest quality products for repairs, installations, and maintenance

  • Accurate physical quote for necessary services
  • Complete walkthrough of how to fully maximize your irrigation system
  • Tips on how to maintain your sprinkler system to increase its longevity

When to Call a Sprinkler Repair Company in Pinellas Park, FL

No matter how well-maintained your sprinkler system is, malfunctions can still happen. Here are signs that it’s time to call Sunrise Irrigation & Sprinklers for sprinkler repair:

  • Dry and soaked spots due to uneven watering
  • Leaking or sputtering
  • Broken or clogged sprinkler heads and pipes
  • Water pressure issues
  • Higher-than-normal water bills
  • Unscheduled watering or broken timers
  • Wiring issues or damage
  • Excessive backflow and water waste

Don’t let these signs escalate into a bigger problem. Book an appointment with us today by calling or filling out our contact form.

Get Excellent Services from Pinellas Park’s Most Trusted Irrigation Repair Company

No job is too big or too small for Sunrise Irrigation & Sprinklers. With our installation, repair, and maintenance services, you can keep your sprinkler system in excellent condition!

Call 727-351-8047 or fill out our contact form today to fully maximize your irrigation system’s capacity.


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