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Residential owners in Oldsmar can enjoy our comprehensive sprinkler system services. We can prepare your system for different seasonal changes or help you when you are looking to expand. We offer fast service at competitive prices. When it comes to irrigation, you’ll want the best handling of your system.

Contact us today to get professional service from a trusted sprinkler company in Oldsmar. We handle everything from maintenance plans, to repairs, and new installations. We also serve other locations in Florida.

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Irrigation Repair Oldsmar, FL

Over time, your sprinklers can wear down and may need repairs. We’ll address each part of your system to ensure we don’t miss anything causing inefficiency. You’ll notice that your irrigation needs repair if you don’t receive the coverage or power you’re used to. The good news is that most issues with them are easy to fix.

We’ll handle everything from examination to repair. Our team will arrive with the right equipment and knowledge to help you. Contact us if you need to schedule a sprinkler repair, and we’ll get to you as soon as possible.


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Oldsmar Sprinkler Maintenance

Maintenance several times a year is necessary for any sprinkler system. With drastic weather changes for each season, you’ll want to make sure your system operates well despite adjustments. As a part of our maintenance plan, you can expect:

  • Spray pattern optimization
  • Sensor checks
  • Backflow calibration
  • Clean nozzles
  • Leak inspections

If we encounter any problems, we’ll fix them before it escalates into a major issue. We’ll prepare your system for the freezing temperatures and ensure it’s working by spring or summer. You can schedule regular maintenance with us, and we’ll arrive at your property at the designated times.

Sprinkler Installation in Oldsmar, Florida

At Sunrise, we understand the different types of irrigation systems. We can work with all brands and install sprinklers that work best for your property. Each technician on our team has the training and certification to ensure you’re getting the proper installation.

Having your system work at optimum capability is necessary to maintain a lush and beautiful landscape. We take into account your soil, plants, weather, and more. We can also customize the system to fit your needs. Every system we have complies with industry standards.

You may be looking for your first irrigation system or replacing an old one. Whatever the case, we are the experts who can help you find the sprinklers you need. Call us and schedule an appointment.

The Best Irrigation Services in Oldsmar and Beyond

Sunrise prides itself in delivering quality work that exceeds expectations. We can handle everything from design to maintenance, and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Thousands of property owners trust us with our systems. Call us, and you won’t regret the quality of service we provide.

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Have a Problem? We Have Solutions!
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