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Irrigation systems like sprinklers can wear down over time. They require regular maintenance and occasional repair. Our technicians provide you the peace of mind by handling all the work for your irrigation. You can save money by preventing damage and keep your system in top condition all year round.

When you’re looking for a sprinkler company in Dunedin, Sunrise is the company you can rely on. Many homeowners in Florida trust us for their irrigation. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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Irrigation Repair in Dunedin, FL

When you contact us, our technicians will go to your location and assess the problem. They’ll also do it as a part of a maintenance program. If they notice a problem, they can do a quick repair. At times your system may need adjustments or a few replacement parts.

Regular sprinkler repairs can prevent replacements by cutting down the problem before it escalates. Our team will test each part of your system to ensure that it’s ready for regular operations. You may want to have it checked during each drastic season change. They’ll drain water to avoid freezing during the winter and check parts for effectiveness during the summer.

If you’re looking for irrigation repair, you can rely on us. Contact us today for any help.


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Dunedin Sprinkler Maintenance

At Sunrise, we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to work on all types of irrigation systems. You may need maintenance to adjust your system, so it uses less water. Some clients have drastic changes with their landscape, so their sprinklers need balancing.

We set up everything so that your lawn gets the right amount of water. We offer different maintenance packages to fit your system and budget. If you have any concerns, you can always contact us, and a technician will get to you as soon as possible.

If you’re looking to get maintenance, have our team do it for you. Set an appointment, and our team will assess your system’s integrity.

Sprinkler Installation in Dunedin, Florida

If you’re looking for a brand-new system or a replacement, we can help you. We offer some of the most effective irrigation systems in the market. We can fit the right product and design for your property.

Sprinkler installation requires careful consideration. We want to make sure that the system promotes a beautiful green landscape. We also want to avoid water saturation which can cause damage and unsightly areas. With our help, you can get a system that doesn’t waste water and enhances the beauty of your home. If you’re interested in installation, contact us.

Professional Services from Sunrise

Investing in your sprinkler system can help preserve your property’s outdoor aesthetics. A beautiful landscape requires the right amount of water. By having it, you can avoid damage and dead spots. Sunrise has every service needed, whether you’re looking for installation, repair, or maintenance. Contact us and get the service you desire.

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Have a Problem? We Have Solutions!
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