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Looking for ways to save money on your budget for 2019? Consider reducing your water bill by using a sprinkler system with reclaimed water. The City of Tampa and other […]
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Looking for ways to save money on your budget for 2019? Consider reducing your water bill by using a sprinkler system with reclaimed water. The City of Tampa and other counties in Tampa Bay explain reclaimed water and how you can use it. 

Here is some information and frequently asked questions about reclaimed water from The City of Tampa:

How can I get reclaimed water service?

Reclaimed water is available to customers who live within the boundaries of the existing reclaimed water service area.  If you are in the service area and have not enrolled in the program, you can sign up by calling  (813) 274-8811 or by completing the application and mailing it to the address indicated on the form.

Can I buy reclaimed water in bulk from the City if I am not in the service area?

Yes. Business and individuals can purchase bulk quantities of reclaimed water directly from the Howard F. Curren Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Port of Tampa by contacting the Wastewater Department.

Am I signed up?

You can check to see if your property is signed up for reclaimed water by calling City of Tampa Utilities at (813) 274-8811.

How much does it cost to start reclaimed water service for irrigation?

To receive residential service, a standard 3/4-inch reclaimed water meter and backflow prevention device must be installed on your property. Installation of a 3/4-inch meter costs $375, plus a $15 application fee. Customers will also be responsible for all associated permit costs. Businesses and other non-residential locations that require other than a residential-size meter should call the Water Engineering Planning Section at (813) 274-8121, option #6, for a cost estimate.

How will I be billed for reclaimed water used for irrigation?

Reclaimed water is metered and billed as a separate line item on your City utility bill at a rate of $1.20 per hundred cubic feet (CCF). One CCF is equal to 748 gallons.

How do I connect to Tampa’s reclaimed water system?

Before connecting your irrigation system to Tampa’s reclaimed water, you must first detach and permanently uncouple all connection points between your irrigation system and the potable (drinking) water system. Once this is complete, you may then connect your irrigation system to the reclaimed water meter. You have the choice of doing the work yourself or hiring a licensed irrigation or plumbing contractor. A permit must be obtained by the person who will complete the connection before any work is performed. The City will inspect the work upon completion to ensure the connections to the potable (drinking) water and reclaimed water meters comply with all applicable state and local building codes, as well as FDEP rules. The connection work must pass inspection before the system can be used. Permittees have one year from the date the permit is issued to complete the work and pass inspection. Permittees not meeting that timeline will be required to pull a new permit.

Information on other counties in Tampa Bay

Here are links regarding reclaimed water for other counties in Tampa Bay:

Hernando County

Hillsborough County

Manatee County

Pasco County

Pinellas County 

Polk County

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