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The Outdoor Speaker System You Have to Hear

When it comes to outdoor audio, Sunrise has solutions that will leave you speechless. We are proud to offer the same outdoor system commonly used in well-known theme parks, Coastal Source speakers. If you are looking for the best speakers on the market, look no further. The sound quality of the Coastal Source speakers is something you have to hear in your backyard. Call to schedule a live demonstration today.

The next level of outdoor audio

  • Superior Sound Quality

  • Simple Clean Style

  • Direct Burial or Above Ground Installation

  • Patented Plug+Play Cabling System

  • Built To “Defy The Elements”

  • Commercial Grade for Residential Use

  • Integrate With Your Current System

  • Customize For Any Space

Unmatched Sound Quality

Delivering the highest quality sound is our ultimate goal. Our Coastal Source speakers feature a composite one-piece enclosure, sandwich cone technology, high quality component crossover, specialized mounts and custom drivers all patented to produce the cleanest, purest sound on the market.

Outdoor Audio System

Fully Customizable For Any Space

We customize systems to fit large and small spaces. Our speakers can be mounted, buried or free standing. They are made to withstand rain, wind, sun, heat and cold. With multidirectional, noise cancelation and smart phone control options you are sure to hear your system how you want, when you want.

Demo It At Your Home

We invite you to hear our Coastal Source Speakers in your own backyard. Hear the unbelievable sound quality for yourself before you purchase. From there we will tailor a custom sound system set up perfect for your space and overall sound needs.

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