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Sprinkler Maintenance

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Irrigation Maintenance By Professionals

As the saying goes, the best cure is prevention.

The expression rings particularly true when it comes to sprinkler systems. A little preventative maintenance can go a long way in stopping problems before they arise, preventing malfunctions, and keeping your lawn lush, healthy, and green.

With routine maintenance, you can ensure your sprinkler system is running in the smoothest, most energy efficient manner possible, and identify areas where you could conserve water and energy. Moreover, by investing in having your sprinkler system checked on a quarterly basis, you can actually end up saving money by lowering your risk of expensive repairs in the future and cutting down on utility bills.

As one of Tampa Bay’s leading irrigation system companies, Sunrise Irrigation & Sprinklers is staffed by a team of fully licensed and insured professionals trained in the industry’s latest practices. Our job is to make sure your sprinkler system is doing its job in the safest, smoothest, and most efficient way possible.

To that end, we are pleased to offer homeowners a variety of comprehensive maintenance services designed to optimize the performance of your sprinkler system. Our sprinkler maintenance is to keep your lawn looking healthy and green all four seasons.


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Maintenance FAQ’s

What is water conservation?2019-08-08T09:51:27-04:00

This is the practice of using water efficiency to reduce unnecessary water usage. Whether this is your permanent home, your rental or your vacation house having Sunrise Irrigation perform routine adjustments will help keep the value of your homes up! We make sure you are watering the right amount and the right times of the day.

Why we prefer 6″ pop up spray heads?2019-08-08T09:52:39-04:00

Most residential lawns have the type of grass that needs maintained at 4-5″. Using 6″ spray heads help ensure the water gets over the blades of grass and reaches all necessary areas.

Will I have difficulty operating my sprinkler system?2019-08-08T09:53:10-04:00

Our technicians will walk you through how to operate your system with ease. They will customize your controller settings to fit your specific watering needs. Should you have any trouble in the future, priority scheduling will make it easy to get your problem solved quickly.

Maintenance Inspection Should Include:

  • Inspecting wires on all controller and valves
  • Updating controller settings, times, and dates
  • Replacing back up batteries if needed
  • Cleaning nozzles

  • Straightening sprinkler heads

  • Cleaning filters on reclaimed and well water systems

  • Inspecting for leaks, broken pipes, and any areas that may cause high water bills
  • Checking backflow device

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