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Don’t be so quick to install that new pool! Meet with Palm Harbor irrigation specialists before your pool construction commences to ensure the irrigation system is properly capped and prepared.

Today’s pool builders are often in such a rush to make money and move on to the next project that they fail to inform property owners about the potential scenarios that can unfold when installing a new swimming pool. Building a swimming pool requires more than merely digging a hole, laying a concrete foundation, implementing the lining and adding water. There are all sorts of considerations to take into account before a pool can be installed. If your Palm Harbor pool builder rushes through the process to make a quick buck, you might end up paying substantially more money as the months and years pass. Here’s why you need the assistance of a Palm Harbor irrigation specialist for your pool installation.

Question Pool Contractors’ Plans for Your New Pool

When you meet with prospective pool builders, one of the more important questions to ask is how the irrigation system will be handled. Even if you do not have an irrigation system installed yet, discussing such a watering system with our irrigation experts and your prospective pool builders will certainly help. Palm Harbor swimming pool builders may accidentally cut irrigation lines when excavating for the pool. Consult with our irrigation experts in Palm Harbor and you will learn all sorts of valuable information such as the fact that capping irrigation lines that appear during excavation will help prevent leaks from occurring in your new swimming pool.

The sad truth is plenty of new pool owners end up with such leaks after a rushed or simply careless installation. So don’t listen to a prospective Palm Harbor pool builder who claims irrigation does not play a major part in the construction of your new swimming pool. Every Palm Harbor resident considering the installation of a pool should discuss this prospective construction project with irrigation experts beforehand.

How a Licensed Palm Harbor Irrigator can Help in the Context of Pool Installation

Work with a licensed irrigator to help pinpoint main water lines as well as valves before any wires are addressed. This is a seemingly minor step yet its importance cannot be overstated. It is possible a consultation with a licensed irrigator will save you thousands of dollars in irrigation repairs or even possible replacement once your pool is ready for your enjoyment. The information provided by a licensed irrigation specialist will help you understand the irrigation system’s functionality as well as the areas the water zones reach in your unique backyard.

If you were to bypass a meeting with our Palm Harbor irrigation specialists and skipped straight to the installation of your new swimming pool, there is a reasonable chance the pool contractor may cut irrigation wiring. Once this mistake is made, there will be no way to pinpoint the location of valves or track the main line.

It will help to create/analyze a diagram of your property’s irrigation system installation.

Contact Our Palm Harbor Irrigation Specialists Today

If you are thinking about installing a pool our irrigation experts can help provide you valuable information. Give us a call today at 727-351-8039 to learn about how we can ensure your irrigation system does not interfere with your pool.

Our irrigation specialists in Palm Harbor can also tell you about our irrigation system features, installation methods, and other sprinkler-related details.

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