Have Full Control over Your Sprinkler System with a Rain Bird Timer

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Living in Florida you use an irrigation and sprinkler system all year round. That is why most of us live here because of the beautiful warm and sunny weather. When operating your irrigation and sprinkler system, you want to save time, save water, save money and rest easy and you can with a Rain Bird Timers and Controller.

Make sure you have the full control of your sprinkler system that you want. A local irrigation and sprinkler expert can help you determine which timers and controllers will work best with your system. With Rain Bird, you have a ton of options.


With a Rain Bird Smart Irrigation Timer, it is simple to setup customized watering schedules that can be adjusted automatically all year long to ensure a healthy, beautiful landscape saving you time and money. They include these features:

  • Smarter watering – automatic seasonal adjust can change the controller’s daily watering schedule according to the season, local weather, temperature and humidity
  • Fully customizable – every watering zone schedule can be set with a different name, picture, frequency, start time and run time to ensure your plants are healthy and you have a lower water bill
  • Notification alerts – stay in touch with what’s happening in your yard, even when you’re away from home, can include alerts for watering events, freeze warnings or when watering has been delayed
  • Control multiple timers – both homeowners that worry about more than one property and lawn care professionals can easily access a timer no matter where they are

There are numerous options to research. Here are some of the timers available:


After you have done the research and decided on a system, Sunrise Irrigation and Sprinklers can schedule the installation. Many homeowners are afraid that installing a sprinkler system is going to be a long, drawn-out process that greatly impacts how they live. Rest assured, this is not the case. In fact, our experienced professionals are able to install systems for most residential clients in a single day.

We also install irrigation systems for commercial customers. Many Tampa Bay businesses choose Sunrise Irrigation because they see the value in maintaining a lush, inviting landscape to attract customers, and they know that the best way to have one is to use a sprinkler system. Since many of these are larger jobs, they tend to take longer to install, but the process is largely the same.

After the system has been installed and a watering schedule set on the control panel, our technician will explain how everything works and show you how to control it if you ever need to make changes. We don’t leave until our clients are confident that they know how to operate everything comfortably. Additionally, we offer how-to videos and DIY tips on our website, as well as maintenance plans for those who are interested.

If you are interested in learning more about Rain Bird Times and Controllers, please contact us at Sunrise Irrigation & Sprinklers.

Looking for a top irrigation and sprinkler company in Tampa Bay? Sunrise Irrigation & Sprinklers is honored by the feedback they receive from their customers, peers, and business rating systems. They also go the extra mile to partner with the best vendors and trade organizations for knowledge and support.

At Sunrise Irrigation & Sprinklers, we know sprinkler installation and repair, landscape lighting and all-natural mosquito control and more. Our highly qualified, fully licensed and insured specialists have been beautifying residential and commercial landscapes in Palm Harbor and the Tampa Bay area for more than 20 years. As an established, family-owned irrigation management business, we believe that keeping Florida homes and businesses looking their best begins with a healthy lawn. Give us a call at 727-351-8476 or schedule an initial consultation to discuss how we can help your lawn become lusher, greener, and healthier.

Joe Swett
Joe Swett
Former U.S. Coast Guard and Tampa-native Joseph Swett is the owner of Sunrise Irrigation, a Palm Harbor-based company that has been providing sprinkler and irrigation services in the Tampa Bay Area, Florida, for more than 20 years. A RainBird-trained landscape specialist, Mr. Swett is dedicated to helping Florida homes and businesses implement effective irrigation technologies and transition towards smart water conservation. In his spare time, Joe sponsors and plays in two men’s softball leagues, but also enjoys surfing and going fishing with his family.
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