Watering your lawn with a hose or manual sprinkler that you need to move around just isn’t as efficient as a properly installed and well-maintained irrigation system. Do things manually and you’re pretty much guaranteed to over-water some areas and under-water others. You’ll probably end up watering your driveway and sidewalk (neither of which need water, obviously), and maybe your neighbors’ yards as well.

But when you use one of our sprinkler systems, your lawn will receive perfect, even watering every single time – never too much and never too little. Even better, the system automatically shuts off on rainy days.

And you can program it to water during the best possible times, such as late at night or early in the morning. That way the water will actually soak into the soil instead of evaporating in the strong Florida sun. Because of all this, you’ll use less water overall – and your lawn will still look great!