Broken sprinkler? Give our Clearwater sprinkler repair team a call.

In some cases, a broken sprinkler head can be corrected with a fairly straightforward adjustment or alteration. Other instances require the assistance of Clearwater sprinkler repair professionals. So do not panic if your sprinkler system does not function like it’s supposed to. We will get your system back in operating condition and return your lawn or landscape to pristine condition.

Sprinkler Head Issues

Today’s irrigation systems are highly advanced watering powerhouses that prove incredibly convenient. Yet all sprinklers will eventually develop repair needs. Take a close look at your sprinkler heads. You might find one or several are jammed with dirt, which can accumulate to the point that it blocks the flow of water.

Some sprinkler heads simply do not lower. Others spray every which-way instead of the direction you desire. In certain cases, sprinkler heads that are jammed or simply do not rotate will have to be disassembled. Remove the filter toward the bottom portion of the head. If the filter can’t be popped out with your hands, a screwdriver will be necessary. Go easy as applying too much force can cause additional damage.

Have a container of water nearby so you can rinse out the filter with clean water. Get all of the debris out, then see if the filter works. If the sprinkler head is still acting up, it will have to be replaced. Replacing a sprinkler head is more difficult than most assume. It’s better to rely on professionals for this job. Even if your do it yourself attempt works, we can perform a visual examination of your system and ensure each head is adjusted to just the right level.

Certain Sprinkler Head Repair Projects are Best Left to the Professionals

In some cases, the sprinkler head will simply stop rotating. If this is the problem with your system, it’s prudent to reach out to a Clearwater sprinkler repair team for a professional repair. Furthermore, if there is any type of electrical issue, do not attempt to solve the challenge on your own. Anything involving electricity is best left to the professionals. When in doubt, it’s always better to be safe than sorry by letting Clearwater sprinkler repair professionals handle your irrigation system repairs.

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We are here to help with your Clearwater sprinkler repair project. Tell us what is going on with your system or have us come on out to pinpoint the specific problem. We will determine what needs to be repaired, the best approach to rectifying the problem, and break it all down in layman’s terms you can understand with ease.

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