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Strategic summer watering and lawn care will benefit your lawn, your property, conserve water, and save you plenty of money!

You may love spending time in the sun but your lawn and other greenery does not. Too much sun is a threat to the condition and aesthetics of your lawn. Everyone knows that excessive sun exposure will cause grass to become dry. However, this abundance of sun poses additional problems beyond just drying out your lawn. Most people are surprised to learn that watering a lawn when the sun is out actually magnifies the sun’s rays and causes the grass to dry faster.


Water runoff is also a problem during the summer. Dirt dries faster as the temperature increases. If watered too quickly, there will undoubtedly be runoff. This phenomenon occurs when water is not properly absorbed into the ground as quickly as it should. A sprinkler system is part of the solution to these problems. If you add a sprinkler system in Pinellas and follow the tips detailed below, your lawn will look fantastic all throughout the summer.


Tip #1: Choose Your Watering Time Wisely

Early in the morning is the idea time to water your lawn and greenery. Alternatively, you can wait until the sun sets to minimize water evaporation and keep your yard nice and green.


Tip #2: Water According to the Soil’s Needs

The composition of the soil is essential to understanding the amount of water necessary to keep grass, plants, and other greenery healthy. Soil that is combined with an abundance of sand will not retain water properly. Opt for a soil type with more girth to maximize water retention.


Tip #3: Focus on Watering the Roots

Making sure you are watering the roots is essential for grass and plant health. The installation of a drip sprinkler system in Pinellas allows for deep hydration all the way down to the roots.


Tip #4: A Sprinkler System Allows You to Water at Any Time

Don’t want to get up early or stay up late to water your lawn and plants? You can water any time of day with a sprinkler system in Pinellas. It is wise to take the extra step of testing the soil a couple inches down. Water should be limited to instances when the plant root zone is dry. If the soil is extremely dry, abbreviated watering performed over and over will help with absorption. This approach also reduces runoff. Watering once the sun has gone down with a sprinkler system in Pinellas reduces the chances of burning the grass, plants, and other greenery. This approach to watering will minimize water evaporation and runoff. The end result will be water staying in the soil around your grass and plants, as opposed to being absorbed by the atmosphere.

With a sprinkler system in Pinellas, you won’t have to stand outside to water by hand. A sprinkler system can be programmed to function on a timer. Set the timer for the time when your lawn needs watering and it will automatically activate.


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