Understanding the Purpose of a Sprinkler Valve Solenoid

A sprinkler valve solenoid plays an essential role in your sprinkler system. The solenoid changes the water pressure inside of the chamber and opens the sprinkler valve. However, a damaged or malfunctioning sprinkler valve solenoid can pose significant issues and cause your sprinkler system not to function properly.


How to Replace a Valve

Removing and replacing a valve is vital if you are experiencing any sprinkler valve solenoid issues. It is always a good idea to take a photo of the valve before you decide to remove it. This can help ensure that you do not forget any steps in the process.


You will need to unscrew the valve body from the inlet pipe, this will most likely require you to cut the pipe on the outlet side of the sprinkler valve. Depending on the style of the valve, you may need to cut the pipe on both sides. This is very common with anti-siphon valves. Once you remove the old sprinkler valve, you will install the new one in the same location. If you were forced to cut the pipe, it is important to repair it. Be sure to always waterproof any of the wire splices before you are finished.


Your best option would be to contact the licensed professionals at Sunrise Irrigation. We can help you diagnose any problems with your irrigation valve solenoid and repair or replace it.


Should I Repair a Valve?

Many people try to repair a sprinkler valve solenoid before attempting to replace it. Typically, repairing a valve is an easier process and less time-consuming for most homeowners or commercial property owners. Looking for some help with your valve repair? Our team of sprinkler system professionals have over 20 years of experience in the industry. We specialize in both repairing and replacing sprinkler systems.


A malfunctioning sprinkler valve solenoid can cause a wide range of issues. It is important to get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.


Sunrise Irrigation understands the importance of sprinkler systems in Florida. You can contact us at any time if you are having any sprinkler valve solenoid problems. It is our mission to keep your sprinkler system operating at a highly efficient level at all times. We are a family owned business that always strives to meet the needs of each client. We can help transform your lawn with an innovative sprinkler system.


Interested in learning more about irrigation solenoid valves? Please feel free to contact us for a consultation and let us keep your sprinkler system operating like new!