Take proper care of your sprinkler system and your lawn will prove that much healthier.

Maintaining an irrigation system is essential when it comes to the functionality of your sprinklers and the aesthetic appeal of your property. Just like any other machine, irrigation systems must be maintained at regular intervals. If you neglect your irrigation system, it will eventually fail to work as it was designed to. It does not matter if you have traditional sprinklers, a drip irrigation system, or a watering system of another type, if your system is not regularly maintained, it will result in problems.


The Importance of Maintaining Irrigation Systems

A properly functioning irrigation system guarantees that your landscape will look its absolute best. Maintaining irrigation systems also reduces water consumption and costs. Though maintaining irrigation systems will be a more frequent cost, this maintenance price pales in comparison to repairs and replacement.


Every Irrigation System Requires Frequent Inspections

Sprinkler heads, valves, nozzles, and pipes are meant to endure regular wear and tear. However, these sprinkler system components are not indestructible. Everything from storms to kids, dogs, and other animals can compromise sprinkler heads and other components of your sprinkler system.


Consider a situation in which a sprinkler head is knocked out of place. If the system is inspected appropriately, there will be an opportunity to shift misaligned sections back into the proper position. Inspections are a very important part of maintaining irrigation systems. In fact, the quick identification of a leaky valve and replacement during maintenance can save you money on your water bill.


Take Advantage of the Latest Irrigation Technology

Irrigation systems are dynamic rather than static. This means irrigation technology changes as time progresses. Those who make irrigation piping, sprinkler heads, and other system components are constantly coming up with new ways to enhance these systems. Our experts can analyze the existing equipment and determine if it makes financial sense to upgrade to new technology. An upgrade might save money, water, time, and frustration. Furthermore, installing a new sprinkler system has the potential to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property.


Maintaining Irrigation Systems: The Importance of Regular Inspections

Irrigation audits are the perfect opportunity to determine if your sprinkler system is functioning effectively. An annual audit involves an intricate analysis of the water management system. The aim is to determine if there are better solutions for conserving water and decreasing your water bill. Keep in mind that how you go about maintaining irrigation systems will change as the landscape is improved and ages. If the system is not provided with consistent upkeep, it will not function at optimal capacity over time.


Seasonal Adaptation

Regular maintenance keeps sprinkler systems functioning as designed all year round. Your watering system’s schedule should change along with the seasons. After all, each season brings unique temperatures and levels of precipitation that really impacts the landscape. Maintaining irrigation systems with the proper adjustments is invaluable. You can rest easy knowing your property is never under or over-watered.


Sunrise Irrigation: Irrigation System Maintenance

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