Curious about irrigation system maintenance in Clearwater? Follow these helpful tips.

When it comes to irrigation system maintenance in Clearwater, most people are understandably uninformed. Most property owners assume irrigation systems will work without flaw. Though this is true for the most part, every irrigation system requires occasional maintenance. Here are a few tips for irrigation system maintenance in Clearwater that will keep your property in tip-top shape.

Irrigation System Maintenance in Clearwater: Mind the Operating Time

If you let your irrigation system run longer than it should, you will waste water as well as money. Excessive watering will eventually compromise your property’s aesthetic and possibly even its integrity. Even the most expensive sprinkler systems will eventually falter after excessive use. If you are unsure as to how long your irrigation system should be running, contact sprinkler system professionals to help you find the perfect balance that brings out the best in your property.

Irrigation System Maintenance in Clearwater Requires Testing

Testing is essential to sprinkler system maintenance in Clearwater. If testing is not performed, you will not know if the system is operating as designed. Comprehensive irrigation system maintenance in Clearwater requires an analysis of each sprinkler head to ensure it operates as designed. Replace or unclog heads that are missing, not working properly, or broken. If the sprinkler head nozzles are clogged, they will create dry spots within the landscape. If any leaks are present, they should be repaired immediately.

Mind the Subtleties of the Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads are sometimes moved when contacted by lawnmowers, feet, animals, etc. Take a look at your sprinkler heads at regular intervals to guarantee they are perfectly aligned. If the heads have moved, they must be properly adjusted to hydrate the landscape as opposed to sidewalks, driveways, etc. If sprinkler heads spray water toward such asphalt or concrete surfaces, you will waste a considerable amount of water and money.
The ideal sprinkler head alignment is a 90-degree angle with the soil surface. Even a slight tilt of the sprinkler head will send water to one side or another, creating dry spots. Furthermore, sprinkler heads should rise above turfgrass canopies. If necessary, sprinkler heads should be raised several times per year.

Irrigation System Maintenance in Clearwater: Set the Controller

The controller, also referred to as a timer or clock, should be set to water plants only to the level they require. Keep in mind some plants require more water than others. Determine the moisture requirements of your plants prior to setting the controller. Alter the controller settings according to each respective season to ensure hydration is provided at the proper frequency. In general, plants do not require as much water when temperatures dip as they do not grow as quickly. Some property owners interested in irrigation system maintenance in Clearwater go as far as turning off the controller when the summer rains arrive.

Calibration is an Underrated Component of Irrigation System Maintenance in Clearwater

There is a common misconception sprinkler system maintenance in Clearwater does not require calibration. Sprinkler systems should be calibrated to determine exactly how much water the system applies in a specific period of time. Fail to calibrate your irrigation system and you might end up with overly-dry or wet spots.

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