Commercial Maintenance Plans

Monthly Service Plan Includes:


  • Checking the controller time/date, correct watering days according to your specific municipality and restrictions, adjusting the watering run times and start times by seasons, replacing backup batteries when needed.
  • Checking solenoid and wire continuityCleaning clogged nozzles and straightening sprinkler heads
  • Cleaning clogged nozzles and straightening sprinkler heads
  • Checking for leaks, broken pipes, and broken sprinkler heads -Cleaning filters (if any) on reclaim and well water lines.


*Any repairs needed outside of the agreement will be billed in 15-minute increments at $80/hr, plus material. A written estimate will be presented for approval prior to completing repairs in excess of $500.


*A 30 day written notice is required from either party to terminate the agreement. Maintenance plan does not include cleaning lake points (baskets).


We encourage you to get in touch with us to design a plan that is right for you. You can download our commercial maintenance contract below or give us a call today at 727-772-3819 for a free estimate.


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Contact Sunrise Irrigation & Sprinklers to Design a Maintenance Package for Your Commercial System


At Sunrise Irrigation, we put a lot of attention and thought into our sprinkler system maintenance packages. We make every effort to keep up to date on new technologies, as well as advancements in water conservation and eco-friendly practices. We work closely with customers to develop custom maintenance packages based on the latest innovations, the customer’s unique preferences, and the particular needs and layout of their property.


Your sprinkler system needs routine inspection and maintenance in order to keep down operation costs and ensure it continues to deliver the benefits your lawn needs. Put the care of your sprinkler system and lawn into the hands of trusted professionals—contact us today.


We welcome inquiries about maintenance packages from all types of clients, including homeowners, property managers, and business owners. If you are interested in arranging maintenance packages for your commercial property, we encourage you to check out our commercial services page, or give us a call to speak with one of our specialists directly.


We will look after your sprinkler system for you to ensure it continues to operate efficiently, conserve water, and keep your lawn looking lush for years to come. You can start designing your customized lawn sprinkler maintenance package today by calling 727-772-3819.


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